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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MLK Stripper Flyer

MLK Stripper Flyer

MLK Stripper Flyer - Strip club’s MLK flier slammed, Martin Luther King Jr. Strip Club Ad Shows Ugly Side of Free Speech Graphic designer Jeffrey Darnell Paul says he was thinking only about “promotion” when he designed a flier for a Miami strip club, featuring a money-wad-clutching Martin Luther King Jr. surrounded by scantily clad women. Paul, fielding numerous complaints, says he’s sorry.

When Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, it related directly to his dream that race hatred in this country would end, and that people of different races and classes would be able to live happily along side one another. It had absolutely nothing to do with strippers or ‘makin’ it rain’ in the club.
But that’s exactly what club owners in Miami insinuated when they used fliers with MLK brandishing hundred dollar bills, pictured along side a stripper, to promote their MLK bash.
Miami Beach graphic designer Jeffrey Darnell, who designed the flyer, said of the controversy, ”I wasn’t trying to disrespect anybody…it wasn’t on my mind that it would escalate to something like this.” The real question is, how could it not escalate? How could using MLK’s legacy to make a quick buck not be viewed as despicable?

According to Paul, the MLK bash, which was scheduled to begin on Sunday and continue until early Monday morning, was canceled after the inappropriate nature of the flyer was brought to his attention.

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