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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Odd Names In The News

Odd Names In The News 
Odd Names In The News and Weirdest Names Ever - In case you missed it, music power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z just welcomed a baby girl and, like many celebs before them, named her something unusual. Between that and a strangely named Wisconsin man making the news lately, we compiled a list of some of the more unique names to make the news.

Beyoncé & Jay-Z's baby

Singing sensation Beyoncé and rapper husband Jay-Z welcomed a baby girl on Jan. 7. Her proud papa candidly opens up about his little one in the new song "Glory" .

Covelli Loyce Crisp

Oakland Athletics player Crisp got his nickname from his siblings growing up, who said he looked like someone on this cereal box.

A PETA staffer

The man formerly known as Dan Carron, a PETA Foundation staffer from Michigan, changed his name to highlight the treatment of circus animals, one of PETA's new campaigns.

An Oregon man

The name Douglas Allen Smith Jr. wasn't exciting enough for one Oregon sports medicine student, who was sick of his mail getting mixed up with that of his dad, Douglas Allen Sr. Watch the video to learn more about the man behind the name change.
Former pro skier

This former pro ski racer went nameless for her first year and a half of life, as her parents waited for her to name herself. She responded to this name in her early days.

A Missouri man

The Missouri resident changed his name when finalizing his divorce from his third wife. Why the change? He says it's a tribute to this legendary heavy metal band.

George Foreman's sons

Variety is not the spice of life for famous grillmaster George Foreman. The two-time heavyweight boxing champion has five sons, all named something familiar.

A Seattle man

Seattle resident Jason Burrows changed his middle name to honor a character from "Transformers."

An arrested man

Busted! A man recently arrested in Wisconsin made the news for his tongue twister of a name, which may remind you of this children's song.

A PETA intern

PETA intern Jennifer Thornburg was just 19 when she changed her name to protest animal dissections in school. The name change reflected PETA's anti-dissection website.

A New York man

Holy smokes! The Manhattan resident formerly known as Jose Espinal took on a more religious name in 2005.

A former NBAer

Former NBA player Lloyd Bernard Free changed his name to reflect the nickname given to him during his childhood.

An aspiring politician

The aspiring Idaho politician changed his name to highlight his abortion stance. He ran for governor of Idaho in 2006 and Idaho State Senate in 2010.

An LA man

Los Angeles resident Michael Buday tried to change his name when he married his wife but discovered it wasn't possible. He sued and won. Why did he make the switch?

A New Jersey couple's kids

Not fond of your name? Think about the three oldest kids of New Jersey couple Heath and Deborah Campbell, who were given Nazi-inspired names. The couple lost custody of the children a few years ago and recently lost custody of their newborn

A New Zealand girl

A New Zealand judge made a 9-year-old girl the ward of the court so that the bizarre name her parents gave her could be changed.

Ron Artest

Good news! World peace has arrived. Professional basketball player and rapper Ron Artest changed his name in fall 2011.

An Israeli man

We're not sure a certain Facebook employee will be friending software developer Rotem Guez after the Israeli man legally changed his name.
An Illinois man

Steve Kreuscher, a resident of Zion, Ill., made the second of seven planned religious names changes in 2010. What was his first name change?

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