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Monday, January 16, 2012

Rihanna Smoking Marijuana

Rihanna Banned From Hotel For Smoking Weed

Rihanna Smoking Marijuana - Rihanna caught smoking weed? While vacationing in Hawaii, singer Rihanna, 23, was photographed smoking a hand-rolled cigarette that some say appears to be marijuana. Later that day, Rihanna tweeted lyrics to a song that talks about smoking pot.

Popular urban gossip site mediatakeout release a story today claiming Barbados singing sensation Rihanna was caught smoking weed in a popular luxury hotel in her home land. The site also publish image of a newspaper clipping claiming its evidence that the incident did happen. We will post the image below and let you the readers judge to see if this claim is have any truth to it.

This below image is the newspaper clippings that the site claim is evidence that the incident took place. The name of the hotel is not in the clippings and her name was not mentioned.

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