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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weird Car Accidents

Weird Car Accidents

Weird Car Accidents - Weird vehicle mishaps, Cars in swimming pools? A truck spilling live chickens? A police officer driving up a utility pole? Yes, all of these have happened. Scroll through to see some of the Weird vehicle mishaps in recent times.

Man crashes into CEO’s yard

About the accident: Police allege that a man drove a stolen SUV into Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman’s yard near Chicago on Dec. 20, 2011.
Tow truck crashes into pool

About the accident: Tow truck driver Nicholas Sparks wasn’t following Oprah’s No Phone Zone campaign, that’s for sure. He hit a car, crashed through a fence and sideswiped a house before ending up in a swimming pool in July 2009, in Lockport, N.Y.
Truck crashes into Ashley Furniture

About the accident: A big rig crashed into Cal Fire and Caltrans vehicles before careening off I-15 near Victorville, Calif., and into an Ashley Furniture store on Nov. 8, 2011. Three inmates, from an inmate freeway work crew, suffered minor injuries.
Police officer crashes into utility pole

About the accident:Miami police officer J. Brutus drove his car off the road and hit a telephone wire, causing him to drive straight up the telephone pole. Officer Brutus wasn’t injured, although Miami Fire-Rescue workers had to free him from his car. Does this make anyone else want to watch “Police Academy?”
Car crashes into DMV

About the accident: 77-year-old Annie Gore crashed into the Division of Motor Vehicles in Fayetteville, N.C., on Nov. 16, 2011. She was just pulling in after finishing her driving test. Although no one was seriously injured, a sizeable amount of damage was caused
Driver crashes into Georgia restaurant

About the accident: A woman crashed into Tin Lizzy’s Cantina restaurant in Atlanta, Ga., in October 2011, rupturing a gas line and causing local business to be evacuated. She fled the scene but later turned herself in.
Car crashes through parking garage

About the accident: Scared of heights? Be glad you weren’t the 67-year-old who crashed his Mercedes loaner car through the outside wall of a parking garage in Tulsa, Okla., in April 2010. Find out what level he was on.
Truck spills marijuana

About the accident: A truck carrying bags of marijuana crashed on Aug. 31, 2011, in San Jose, Calif., much to the delight of some pedestrians and motorists. They scooped up the bags and legged it, as did the driver. Police found this weapon when they searched the truck.
Truck spills liquid fertilizer

About the accident: A truck crashed, spilling a huge amount of liquid fertilizer onto I-5 in Tualatin, Ore., in October 2011. Luckily, no one was hurt in the crash.
Truck spills chickens

About the accident: Why did the chicken cross the road You can ask the live chickens that were freed when a flatbed truck crashed in Vacaville, Calif., on Oct. 20, 2011.
D.C. cop crashes into “Bumblebee”

About the accident: A police car crashed into “Bumblebee,” the yellow Chevy Camaro featured in the “Transformers” movies, during filming of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” in October 2010.
Car crashes into condominium pool

About the accident: An elderly man crashed his Cadillac through a concrete block wall and wound up in a swimming pool at a condominium complex in Fort Lee, N.J.
Truck spills bees on Idaho highway

About the accident: Clean-up crews had to buzz over to Island Park, Idaho to deal with an enormous amount of bees and honey. The driver was delivering the bees from California to North Dakota when his truck overturned.

Elephant Flips a Car
You better be sure to not make any elephants angry, especially not while driving a car. It's not a small car either. That is one powerful beast.

Car Hangs on By a Wheel

From Falling into the River

It looks like the driver just got a little too close to the edge and slid right it. Ok, so maybe it's not a car crash, but it definitely was an accident. No one would do this on purpose

Car Makes a Convenient Bridge

For the Boat Owner

Another accident with a car hanging on just above the water. This one is really mysterious though because it doesn't look like there is any damage to the boat. It's hard to imagine how this happened.

Car Drives Right into a Hole

That's one big pothole!

The driver should have been paying attention. If it was any bigger, he would have fallen all the way in!

Missed Car Jump

Ends Up Straddling a Canyon

Ok, so it's not a canyon... more like a small crevasse. Whoever was driving this truck probably forgot how heavy pickup trucks are in the front. If you drive off a flat surface, the front will go down. There's reallly no jumping ability.

Unfortunate Garage Accident

This Garage was only built for one

That is not a happy Ferrari owner....

It looks like the truck just came speeding in and there was no hope left for that beautiful sports car

Tree: 1 , Car: 0

The tree decided to give this car a beating

Maybe it was angry at Jaguars because they have a tendency to climb trees. Or it just could have been bad luck. Wrong place at the wrong time. Either hypothesis is perfectly viable.

Truck Goes Right Through The Ice

Lucky the Cab didn't go under

Driving a huge, massively heavy 18-wheeler on a frozen lake doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. And this picture proves that I'm not an idiot

Parking Garages are Dangerous

But I have no idea how this happened

The guy (or girl!) comes flying around the corner, spears the other car, and somehow flips it up and gets wedged in between the car and the roof.

Car Gets Hung Up

He's Really Wired

This is really close to being the weirdest car accident, if it weren't for number one coming up next.

Seriously.... how do you get your car tangled up in a power line and practically hanging in the air?

Weird Soccer Ball Attack

Wrong Place at the wrong time?

Or malicious football player? I will think twice next time I want to park close to the sporting goods store because I don't want to walk too far. I'd rather get a little exercise than have a giant soccer ball fall off the roof and crush my car.

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