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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

woman sexual favors nuggets

woman sexual favors nuggets

woman sexual favors nuggets - Woman offers favors for McNuggets? A woman was arrested after she allegedly offered sexual favors at a McDonald's drive-thru in exchange for Chicken McNuggets. The woman reportedly went to the cars in line and made the proposition.

A man told police she approached him, and she was arrested on site, SMH: Woman Arrested After Offering Sexual Favors In Exchange For Chicken Nuggets (Video)Here’s something you normally don’t hear about. Today’s SMH of the day comes from Burbank, CA. I believe this is the first time that Burbank has been on the list. But according to reports a woman was arrested after offering sexual favors in exchange for Chicken McNuggets. Yes people she wanted to perform sexual favors for Chicken Nuggets……..

That’s pretty sad especially knowing that those nuggets are pretty cheap. You can get them at some places for 99 cents. SMH…..guess she’s addicted to the those little nuggets. We just hope she was asking for a 20 piece instead of a 5 or 9 piece. SMH!

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