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Friday, February 10, 2012

7 year old Walmart abduction

7 year old Walmart abduction

7 year old Walmart abduction Girl escapes alleged kidnapping Police say a 7-year-old girl's kicking and screaming helped her get away from a man who allegedly tried to abduct her . Police say the man  tried to grab the girl from the toy aisle. They say security video shows a man carrying the girl away, then letting her go after she fought back


Brittney Baxter said she was looking at toys in a Walmart Wednesday when a man tried to kidnap her.

"I was kicking and screaming, and then he put his hand over my mouth, but I kept kicking," Brittney said.

Surveillance footage shows the man walking through the store. He walks out of the camera's view, but then rushes back through with the girl in his arms. When she starts kicking, he puts her down and runs away.

Bremen police arrested 25-year-old Thomas Andrew Woods. He is charged with attempted kidnapping. Other charges are pending.

Brittney Baxter said she's thankful her parents and teachers taught her how to fight off a stranger.

Brittney's mother, Georgeann, said she was shocked that this could happen in her town.

"I just never would think something like that would happen in a town like this," Georgeann Baxter said.

CBS Atlanta News has learned that Woods served time in prison for a DeKalb County manslaughter conviction. He was let out of jail after serving seven years of his 20-year sentence, and was put on probation.

As police escorted a handcuffed Woods after his arrest, he told reporters he's innocent.
Police say a 25-year-old man tried to abduct a seven-year-old girl from a west Georgia Walmart store.

Bremen police Chief Keith Pesnell says Thomas A. Woods of Austell grabbed the girl and tried to leave the store Wednesday, but he let her go when she fought back.

Police put out an alert with a description of Woods' car and he was caught by police about 10 miles west in Tallapoosa. He faces a charge of attempted kidnapping, and more charges are likely.

Pesnell says Woods was out on probation after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter in DeKalb County.

Woods is being held in the Haralson County Jail and will likely appear before a judge Thursday.

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