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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crazy things people did for love

Crazy things people did for love

Crazy things people did for love

Valentine's Day is here again. For most couples, that means shopping for the usual candy, flowers or maybe sharing a night on the town. But some folks' romantic gestures are a little more over the top. We're looking at some of the craziest things people have done for love.

A weird wedding

A man named Chadil Deffy made headlines when he posted a video of his wedding to his longtime girlfriend.
Sweetheart strategy

A Florida millionaire facing DUI manslaughter charges protected his longtime girlfriend  with an unusual legal maneuver. See a photo of the couple.
Man seeking 'honey'

A Florida businessman  looking for a wife used a billboard to find a mate .
Subway love

A New York City artist's romantic story went viral after he created a website dedicated to finding a woman  he spotted on the subway.
A love triangle

Former astronaut Lisa Nowak made tabloid headlines when she was arrested for trying to kidnap a romantic rival. Whom were they fighting over?
Hot-blooded love

The Academy Award winner and her actor-director-musician husband were known for their public displays of affection but it was their matching jewelry that really turned heads.
Rekindled passion

Injuries from a 1993 car crash caused newlywed Krickitt Carpenter to completely forget her husband, but he wouldn't give up on her. Which movie is based on their story?
Bad romance

A 2007 documentary told the story of Linda Riss and Burt Pugach , who have been married nearly 40 years despite their violent past.
Forbidden feelings

England's King Edward VIII caused a national scandal when he announced his intention to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson .
Head over heels

England's King Henry VIII  left his first wife for Anne Boleyn, but their story ended tragically when she failed to produce a male heir.

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