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Monday, February 6, 2012

Famous Boy Scouts

Famous Boy Scouts

Famous Boy Scouts, February 8 is Boy Scouts Day, which marks the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. In celebration of the group's 102nd birthday, we're taking a look at some famous former Boy Scouts.

A home-run hero

This Major League Baseball legend – and Eagle Scout – went on to receive one of the Boy Scouts' highest honors.

A history-making astronaut

This former NASA standout inspired Boy Scouts everywhere when he made his famous landing in 1969.
A Big Apple mayor

This well-to-do city leader and Eagle Scout has been pegged as a potential presidential candidate, but so far he's staying put. What helped him keep his position?
A Supreme Court justice

This Eagle Scout taught law at a prestigious university before taking his seat on the nation's highest court in 1994.
A Texan president

This son of a former president  grew up in Texas – where he became governor – and was part owner of a baseball team before taking office.
A two-term president

This two-term president – the second commander in chief to be impeached has become known for his philanthropic work with a fellow former president.
A big-screen action star

This Hollywood A-lister played a reluctant rebel in the "Star Wars" franchise, a falsely accused husband in "The Fugitive" and a CIA agent in film versions of Tom Clancy thrillers.
A history-making president

This former U.S. senator made history when he was elected president in 2008. Who was his Republican opponent?
A death-defying rocker

This rock 'n' roll legend co-founded a famous quartet and is considered one of the world
A 'Dirty' TV host

This former QVC host and Eagle Scout sends new Eagle Scouts a congratulatory letter if they request it. He takes on dirty jobs on the Discovery Channel and is a pitchman for this car company.
A pitching legend

This Texas native had a long career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball and later became owner of a major league team
An Oscar-winning director

This former Boy Scout went on to direct classics such as "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial," "Saving Private Ryan" and a Best Picture winner about the Holocaust.

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