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Friday, February 10, 2012

Famous inventions

Famous inventions

Famous inventions

Feb. 11 marks the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison and National Inventors' Day. Some inventors' creations have become integral to our way of lifewhile others -- Chia Pets anyone? – just put a smile on our face. See if you can guess who's behind these memorable inventions.

A Founding Father

This 1700s inventor was also known for publishing his famous almanac, being appointed the first postmaster general and signing the Declaration of Independence.
An Industrial Revolution visionary

This Ivy League graduate  changed American history as a promoter of interchangeable parts and as inventor of the cotton gin.
A peanut pioneer

This African-American scientist -- most known for his work with peanuts – began life as a slave but went on to lead the agriculture department at a prestigious university and earn a top British honor.
A '70s pop-culture icon

This inventor's silly idea earned him millions after he appeared with his easy-to-care-for pet on a late-night talk show in 1975.
A viral-video sensation

This inventor said he was shocked to see sales for the dumbbell-shaped product skyrocket after Ellen DeGeneres joked about it on her talk show
An entrepreneurial mom

This mom of two – inspired by her son's love of a stuffed animal – designed her first Pillow Pet in 2003. How much did they make in 2010?
A marketing whiz kid

This 20-something entrepreneur got his mom to design his first Slanket so he could watch TV and stay warm in his dorm room.
An innovative scientist

This 19th-century innovator made his first phone call  on March 10, 1876. What were his famous first words?
A video-game legend

This inventor – inspired by an irate landlord – first created Mario the plumber to be the hero for a classic 1981 arcade game.

A singer's best friend

This engineer created the now ubiquitous music software Auto-Tune, which has spawned viral videos and iPhone apps.
A clever secretary

This Texas typist first sold her "Mistake Out" to fellow secretaries in the 1950s before changing the name to Liquid Paper in 1967. How much did she sell her company for in 1979?
A music-business game-changer

This late co-founder was often credited for the company's recent successes, but it was this Apple engineer who many consider the father of the iPod.
A successful college dropout

The inventor of the Segway was rumored to have died while riding his two-wheeled vehicle but can be seen hosting a Planet Green TV series these days.
An '80s toy phenomenon

The popular Cabbage Patch Kids were first created by an art student in 1976 but didn't start flying off shelves until the 1980s.
A fan favorite

This former high school teacher – who designed the first "spirit" fingers as a class project – can now spot his creation at sporting events worldwide.
A sweet success

This kitchen experimenter first called his sugary concoction "Fruit Smack"  before settling on the Kool-Aid name we're all familiar with today.
A miracle worker

This onetime stand-up comedian got her big break after Oprah Winfrey raved about Spanx pantyhose on her talk show in 2000.
An infomercial king

This son of a prolific salesman went on to become famous in his own right, hawking everything from his $14.88 Mr. Microphone  to the Showtime "Set it and forget it!" Rotisserie.
Life changer

This 15th-century craftsman changed the world when he invented the movable type printing press in the mid-1400s.

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