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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flo Rida sued wages

Flo Rida sued wages

Flo Rida sued wages Flo Rida sued over extremely low wages Mahogany Millersays that she worked 60 hours per week for hip-hop star Flo Rida and then was fired when she complained about her extremely low wages. The former assistant and supposed ex-girlfriend of the musician has filed a lawsuit against Flo, seeking unspecified damages

Flo Rida is getting a bad rap from his ex-assistant.

A woman who says she worked for the rapper is suing him for unspecified damages, claiming that he stiffed her out of a fair wage by offering measly compensation.

Mahogany Miller, the former personal assistant to rapper Flo Rida has filed a lawsuit claiming that the rapper had her answering phones, organizing emails and performing other tasks for 65 hours a week at wages that amounted to just $3.08 per hour.

he former assistant claims that she worked as Flo Rida’s assistant and handled anything he wanted accomplished but was being paid well below Federal minimum wage.

Making the alleged matter worse Mahogany says when she brought up the extremely low pay she was making and the long hours it took Flo Rida less then 24 hours to fire her.

She only started working for the rapper in August which means it didn’t take her long to breach the issue with the rapper and then to lose her job.

Flo Rida’s people aren’t returning calls regarding the allegation.

Rappers always rap about making something of themselves by climbing out of the hood, apparently they just don’t want to make a better life for those people who work for them. Then again this could all be a fabrication by a disgruntled employee who was fired for completely valid reasons.

Would you sue if your employer was all of a sudden paying you $3.08 per hour?
A woman named Mahogany Miller just sued rapper Flo Rida claiming she busted her ass as his administrative assistant and in exchange he paid her less than a high school babysitterIn her suit, Miller — who claims she started the gig back in August — alleges she eventually confronted her boss over the long hours and low wages and she was fired less than 24 hours after raising the issue.

Miller is suing for unspecified damages. Calls to Flo have not been returned.

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