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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Awaken the Giant Within' author

'Awaken the Giant Within' author

'Awaken the Giant Within' author. He began his career as a protégé of this motivational speaker, went on to write several self-help books and had a cameo in the Farrelly brothers' comedy "Shallow Hal."Anthony Robbins was born on February 29, 1960.
Robbins is an 11 born and is a life number 11. WOW! Talk about double the master number energy, so what you see is what you get with Robbins.
Being a double 11 makes Robbins tender, artistic, and romantic in nature. You can definitely see this in his demeanor when he’s in his seminars, but also during his interview with Oprah. The term “gentle giant” comes to mind with Mr. Robbins.
Since he is born on the 29th, this makes him mentally strong, hard working, but also fortunate.
For those of you who have been reading my blog already know that the number 11 is the number of “illumination”, those who bare this vibration are here to inspire others, and assist them in cultivating spirituality.
It’s not uncommon for those who have a major 11 in their chart, or those in a major 11 cycle to be suddenly thrust into the spotlight. For Robbins, it was by divine order that this was to happen for him.

When certain numbers in your chart align, success is inevitable. That is if you are pushing the numbers in your chart to their most highest and favorable promise, and making the “correct” choices along the way.
Robbins ascent wasn’t an easy one, according to his interview with Oprah, he had a difficult childhood, and grew up virtually poor.
Numerically this makes sense as Robbins has a first pinnacle of 4. Usually a first pinnacle of 4 indicates that one goes to work at a young age out of necessity or self motivation. It’s during this time though that Robbins got his start, and began marketing for the late self help speaker Jim Rohn.
What makes Robbins so easily relatable is that he has a destiny number 9, the 9 has lived through many experiences, and thus people are drawn to it, not only for its wisdom, but also for its compassion and spirituality.
The 9’s success is contingent upon how much good it does, and interestingly enough, Robbins is a firm believer in this.
However, the number 9 is also a number of loss/abandonment. You can see that in his eyes when he talks about his turbulent childhood. He also was married once before, and endured heartbreak. Through it all he managed to pull through, and was still able to shine his light to those around him, and to the world.
The number 9 is also divinely protected as well, at the age of 32 in Robbins personal yearly cycle of 7, he found out that he had a tumor. Which is the reason why he grew so tall, he stands 6’7 now. However, miraculously enough the tumor shrank, and there was no need to remove it.
According to Oprah, Anthony Robbins business generates $200 million in annual revenue, thus not only providing him with a comfortable living, but making him very wealthy. There is no other life coach who comes close in terms of Robbins notoriety, popularity, and wealth. This is an example of pushing your numbers to their most positive power.
2012 is his personal yearly cycle of 9, and his transit of 5! Look at that, the 5 is in the spotlight again!
While this year Robbins brings something to a close, he’s starting on something new. His transit is the karmic 14/5 so he must be careful not to be so self indulgent, and to control his impulses.
Numerically speaking Robbins has been working extra hard since 2004, but come 2013 he’ll enter his final pinnacle of 9, which will link to his destiny 9. So tolerance, compassion, love, understanding, and charity works to his advantage during this time.
A pinnacle 9 is an easy money period, so gifts, favors, and increase in ones pocket book are all part of this cycle. However, it is an emotional time, and may incur some hiccups in his personal and professional life.
Either way Anthony Robbins has paved the way for many of the current and aspiring motivational speakers, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Tony Robbins has published two best-selling books, Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.
Unlimited Power, published in 1987, discusses the topics of health and energy, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships.[33] One reviewer called the book "uplifting and idealistic" and referenced the "dynamic enthusiasm" of the book;"[34] and another describes Robbins as “a persuasive communicator who spends more linage on step-by-step details of his recommendations than in self-boosterism."[35] while another reviewer said it's "too wordy" and "reads like a transcript of a series of talks."[36] Other reviewers dispute the book's originality, pointing to ideological similarities with Maxwell Maltz, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and Dale Carnegie, all of whom Robbins acknowledges in his book.[37] Some have criticized the chapter called "Energy: The Fuel of Excellence" which includes information on food combining, lymphology, and deep breathing to promote health. Robbins makes reference to the book Fit for Life and its authors, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, whom he refers to as his "former partners".[38] The National Council for Reliable Health Information wrote a critical review of the chapter and called his sources unreliable.
Awaken the Giant Within, published in 1992, was an expansion of his personal development techniques and strategies taught through a motivational self-help type approach. Robbins made the distinction between his techniques, coined as Neuro-Associative Conditioning as unique from Neuro-Linguistic Programming because the trademarked difference is defined by the application of "conditioning" to a newly learned personal development technique and/or skill or strategy rather than "being programmed" and suggest-ably fixed once and for all by someone else who had more power than the individual to make a change.

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