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Monday, February 27, 2012

jessica chastain dress

jessica chastain dress

jessica chastain dress, Jessica was so unassuming on the red carpet, and she adorably brought her grandmother, Marilyn, on her date. She told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet that “this year is just unbelievable…
I feel like I’m walking through a fog. It doesn’t feel like this is a normal day.” She also told the story of how she learned, while at Paris Fashion Week, that she was nominated for an Oscar. “I did not think I was going to get a nomination. I was in Paris Fashion week and I went to turn my phone off and I had like 12 missed calls.” You could tell she was still awed by it and wasn’t taking her success for granted.I like her so much, and I just want her to get her fashion right. She sort-of did here, by some people’s estimation. It could have been much worse, and it has been for her this season. I’m trying to be diplomatic about it, but it’s just the bizarre pattern on her bustline and skirt. It’s too complicated and busy and the effect is overwhelming. Still, a strong showing for Jessica comparatively.Jessica’s hair and makeup were amazing though. She’s just so pretty. Did you see how worried she looked right before the Best Actress was announced? She was concerned that her costar Viola might not win, and we know that she didn’t. I’m a little in love with Jessica, she’s so unaffected and genuine and its in no way a schtick or an act.
Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain was in a black and gold embossed Alexander McQueen that earned her a lot of accolades last night. I didn’t love the dress, but I didn’t hate it either. On another actress, one not as sweet and likable as Chastain, I may have thought it was awful. She is just so damn nice that I can’t hate on her dress. I think several of you described it best in the comments “that dress is wearing her.” She’s not working it, and it’s overwhelming her and doesn’t look like her style. Chastain’s hair and makeup were perfection, though, as we’ve seen this entire awards season.
jessica chastain dressIt’s easy to dress Jessica Chastain with a Grecian style dress! She really looks like a goddess! The sparkling silver Oscar de la Renta dress (from the pre-fall 2012 collection) complimented Jessica’s complexion and natural beauty and enhanced her glow. More and more I get the feeling Jessica Chastain must come from the same planet as Cate Blanchett! I can’t see any other justification for their surreal glow! Do you?

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