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Friday, February 17, 2012

kate upton mark sanchez

kate upton mark sanchez

kate upton mark sanchez - Kate Upton and Mark Sanchez…the new couple alert! The American model Kate who is known for her appearance in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, is allegedly dating with the New York Jets star Mark Sanchez.

A large number of fans of both high-profile celebrities are clicking in the Web to confirm the news that are they real dating or is this a rumor.
A source told to the New York Post spy that they are maybe dating but they have never seen very together. The source told that New York Jets star Mark Sanchez always walks behind the Victoria’s Secret supermodel since November when they both came at Upton’s Manhattan apartment.
This is not the first time that New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez has seen with the such a young and supermodel—he has already hooked up with a 17-years old high school student and he has already faced to huge criticizm of this hooking up.
Another source also told to the NY Post that they are not hooking up and they are just friends. The Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel is known for her most curvy looks and beautiful figures—therefore 25-years old New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has captured by her looks.

Because New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is the addicted of young girls and hot curvy looks as he was already involve with just 17-years old school girl. Still, there is no any statement from both the celebrities that are they really dating or “just friend”.

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