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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lohan poodle coat

Lohan poodle coat

Lohan poodle coat Lohan’s ‘poodle coat’ turns headsArriving in New York from Los Angeles this week, actress Lindsay Lohan turned more heads than usual thanks to a long, off-white coat that looked to have been inspired by a shaved poodle. Lohan was taking a break from her new home in L.A. , where she has reportedly been living large , though she insists that she’s been avoiding alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan landed in New York City on Monday wearing either a dead poodle or a slayed polar bear. Can't really tell -- her white coat with its fuzzies here and poofies there could've been made from either hide. Or, on the other hand, maybe it was made of fancy fabric and was sewn together by orphaned Inuits. Anything's possible when it comes to the fashions, er, non-fashions that Ms. Lohan wears.

It's just hard to discern whether she paid thousands of dollars for this coat, or if she found it in a dumpster covered in bed bugs, or if she killed an animal with her bare hands then threw the carcass around her shoulders.

Point is, her coat is hulking mess.

But more power to her, she is one fearless woman. It takes a lot of courage to wear something like that. Especially when people are already a little wary of your sanity slash sobriety. It's like she's saying in your face to all the haters out there -- she doesn't care what we think. Nor should she.

What she should care about, though, is the millions of threads of fabric that were harmed in the making of this hideous piece of outerwear. It's a crime against fashion, and humanity. It would've been worse if the coat was pink or something, but at the same time, maybe some color would've made Lindsay look less like a white-washed disaster. From her white hair to her white skin to her white coat, LiLo looked completely wiped out.
Of course no report on Lilo would be complete without the following report from neighbors who are sick and tired of her highness and simply want her to move:

Her former neighbours in Venice Beach have also come out recently saying she was a nightmare to live next door to, because of all the drama and partying she brought with her.

Never mind Lilo, fashion week is here and before you can even blink and snort another gallon of water you will be back in the press again telling us your version of how you miraculously managed to get ejected out of some fashion show. Then again that’s probably a rumor I’m already making up, so I better be quiet and just wait for you to clatter down the street when you’re good and ready to cause the next scene. Of course don’t forget your water bottle Lilo…Kids, I’m as giddy as the average New Yorker with the knowledge that our collective hero Lindsay Lohanhas once again graced us with her presence, just in time for yes you guessed it:‘It’s not NY Fashion week unless I pop round and make one hell of a scene like I did last season!”

But like most things in Lilo’s life, her arrival was met with some degree of consternation:

dailymail.co.uk: An insider told TMZ she was threatening to sue over the reports which claimed she was drinking on last Sunday night at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

She insists she only drank water all night and blamed rumours of her hard-partying on why she gets offered so few acting roles.

Drinking water all night? So Demi Moore was smoking cans of red bulland Lilo was snorting pounds of water. Hmm- I can believe that if you tell me to. And of course when Lilo tells you she only gets offered so few acting roles because of consistent partying rumors you better believe her. Then again there are these hard to deny eye witness accounts rumors too that might have some reason as to why Lilo has been forced to adopt a second class existence as a Playboy model that she only managed to eke out a mere near million out of.

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