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Friday, February 17, 2012

Natalie Gulbis Body Paint

Natalie Gulbis Body Paint
Natalie Gulbis is incredibly bright or she has some crafty people running her public relations.
Right on the heels of her body paint pictorial in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Jeff Shain of the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a silent auction will take place for the right to caddie for Gulbis in a round of your choosing, so long as it's in the United States and not a major.

If you're not a fan of a bidding war, Shain's report also states some good news.

If anyone wants to take Natalie off the market, there’s a “Buy Now” feature where she’s yours for $8,000.

After looking at that pictorial, $8,000 is a pretty conservative number. But as you only get one round to caddie, allow me to offer some advice. Just as a warning, this is going to take some research on your part, but you can thank me later. When choosing the round, go back over the last five years and look at what tournaments produce the longest rounds. For various reasons, some courses just take longer to play than others. Find the one that has the longest rounds and make that your choice. You might as well get every possible second you can out of this thing.

This is really a brilliant strategy on the part of Gulbis and her P.R. team. While bidding, the last image that people will have of Gulbis is her layout. Think about that. Who wouldn't want to spend a nice 4-5 hours with her?

The best thing about this is it's not just easy on the eyes, although that certainly helps. Anyone who watched Natalie (her reality show on the Golf Channel) or who saw the behind the scenes video of her layout knows that Gulbis is a really cool person. It won't be a boring round.

Gulbis' star is bright right now. It's good to see her taking advantage of that to help out a good cause. She is sure to raise a lot of money.
Natalie Gulbis Body Paint, There’s a school of thought which suggests that LPGA golfers should be judged not on their physical assets but by their prowess on the golf course, that objectifying and reducing women golfers to their appearance only … you’re not even reading this, are you?

Fine. Natalie Gulbis in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Right here. You’re welcome.

For those of you interested in more than just Ms. Gulbis, the SI Swimsuit Issue this year features something for the ladies, with Rafael Nadal, Michael Phelps and Chris Paul posing with Bar Rafaeli.

Maybe it’s just the fact that any eager 13-year-old with an Internet connection and a basic grasp of terms to feed into search engines can outstrip (ha!) the Swimsuit Issue 365 days a year, but the issue has descended into irrelevancy. Worse, you could make an argument that the issue does more harm than good for the female-athlete movement; let’s face it, guys aren’t going to be looking at Ms. Gulbis in the gallery above as a means of empowering her.
Natalie Gulbis just ensured a few unique visitors to her profile on the LPGA's website with her body paint pictures in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That's not a bad thing, increased attention for the tour is a positive.

A few folks that haven't watched an LPGA tour event in the last 20 years may be looking for more information on the 29-year-old from Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. You can see her here in her SI glory.

There are quite a few beautiful women on the LPGA tour, but Gulbis is the one that will get the majority of attention for the next month or so. That is a good thing, I always like it when female athletes show their beautiful and feminine sides.
It’s a great balance to the power and competitiveness they display in the field or on the course. Too often we only see the harden exterior of the competitors.

Gulbis was interviewed by Jeff Ritter of golf.com. She talked about the body painting experience. Ritter probably had one of those “I’m trying to look in your eye right now” smiles on his face as he asked “How long did it take to paint the bikini? She said

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