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Monday, February 20, 2012

+odd presidential facts

+odd presidential facts

Odd presidential facts, This Presidents Day, we're vetoing trite trivia about cherry trees and log cabins. Read up on some lesser-known presidential tidbits that may make you look at these Oval Office occupants in a different light.

A songbird fan

This president preferred pet songbirds to first felines and presidential pooches. He collected and trained many specimens of mimus polyglottos on his Virginia estate, but his favorite was "Dick."

Pint-sized president

He's regarded as the smallest leader in U.S. history, reportedly weighing less than 100 pounds and standing no taller than 5 feet 4 inches

.A curious nickname

The president got the nickname, "The Last of the Cocked Hats," because he was the last president with Revolutionary credentials. (The hats were fashionable in the field

Skinny dipper-in-chief

He loved collecting his thoughts with early morning nude swims in a nearby river

An OK guy

He often gets credit for originating the term "OK," thanks to a nickname associated with him and his hometown.

A White House horse

This president brought his war steed, Old Whitey, to live and graze on the grounds of the White House. PETA wouldn't have approved of the horse's grabby fans.

The solo leader

He is the only elected president to remain a bachelor.

A different kind of leftist

Legend has it that he was the first southpaw president and could simultaneously write a dead language with one hand and Greek with the other.

The big boss

He was large and in charge, weighing in at more than 300 pounds and earning a reputation as the heaviest president.

President on the mound

He was the first sitting president to attend the World Series and he threw out the first pitch (which teams played?).

A foul feathered friend

This president trained his pet parrot, Poll, to be such a potty-mouth that the bird had to be removed from its master's funeral proceedings

.A hands-on kind of guy

Rumor has it that he liked to have morning scalp massages at breakfast (his salve of choice?).

The middle man

His middle initial doesn't stand for anything at all; it was given to him in honor of his two grandfathers.

A pin-up president

This president was a dashing cover model for a 1942 issue of a long-running women's magazine.

A serious bibliophile

It's been said that he read three to four books a week, thanks to a speed-reading course he took at the White House.

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