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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pippa Middleton George Percy

Pippa Middleton George Percy

Pippa Middleton George Percy Pippa Middleton dating heir to Hogwarts, Pippa Middleton, sister to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridgemay get her own royal title one day if she stays with her new reported boyfriend, George Percy, heir to the Dukedom of Northumberland and a $500 million fortune  The Percy family's Alnwick Castle  is perhaps best known as the setting for the Hogwarts School in the "Harry Potter" film series

The 27-year-old Pippa is reportedly in a serious romance with her old flame, George Percy, heir to the Duke of Northumberland.
It is one of Britain's richest and grandest dukedoms, with a vast estate that includes Alnwick Castle, the movie setting for Harry Potter's wizard school, The Sun website revealed.
George, 27, will one day inherit the lot, including a fortune of $463 million (£315m) .
"George is very smitten and completely in love with her. It looks like the Middleton sisters will be completing the double before too long," a source close to the couple said last night.
Pippa has been close friends with George for years. They met at Edinburgh University and had a fling in their final year in 2008.
Last year they insisted they were "just friends" after he was seen helping her get over her split with banker Alex Louden.
But it blossomed into love at a New Year's Eve party thrown by the Middleton family.
"Pippa sat herself next to George at supper and made sure she was hanging off his arm all night. And then she made her move," the source told The Sun.
"It was like a shark circling its bait. Some people think she has always set out to do this.
"Pippa has always been close to him. There is no doubt this was a huge issue for her ex-boyfriend Alex.
"After they parted the first thing she did was spend a weekend on George's estate in Northumberland. But now they are out in the open."
When George was 14 his father went to court to delay his inheritance, fearing it would send him off the rails. Instead of getting £1million and £250,000-a-year income at 18, he had to wait until he was 25.
The source added: "If Pippa ends up marrying Earl Percy, then it isn't a bad return on Carole Middleton's investment when she sent her two daughters to posh public schools!"
As revealed in just-released pics, Pippa Middleton was all smiles last Wednesday evening as she grabbed dinner in central London with a handsome man: George Percy. After their one-on-one meal at a local eatery, they headed back to Percy's apartment.
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The next morning, Duchess Kate's little sister was reportedly seen leaving Percy's flat, bidding her pal goodbye with a hug and kiss.
The son of the Duke of Northumberland (one of England's richest men), Percy is an old college chum of Middleton and now a co-worker: Duchess Kate's little sister recently took a job as a lobbyist at Percy's geothermal energy firm.
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But Percy and Middleton (he joined her and pals for a weekend in Madrid last month following the royal wedding) continue to be the subject of romance rumors -- especially with some British tabloids reporting over the weekend that Middleton and Alex Loudon, her financier beau of over a year, have ended their romance.
t looks like Pippa Middleton may be off the market.

The royal bridesmaid is reported to be dating her university friend George Percy, heir to the Duke of Northumberland, one of Britain's richest and grandest titles – whose family owns Alnwick Castle, which was used as the setting for Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter movies. And that's only part of their $500-million estate.

A source close to Middleton, 28, and Percy, 27, told the British Sun tabloid, "George is very smitten and completely in love with her."

The couple have been close since meeting at Edinburgh University and have been linked before, when Pippa split from her banker beau Alex Loudon.

Middleton and Percy reportedly started dating again after pairing up at the Middleton family New Year's Eve party.

"Pippa sat herself next to George at supper and made sure she was hanging off his arm all night," according to the Sun. "And then she made her move."

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