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Friday, February 10, 2012

police hunt wolfman woods

police hunt wolfman woods

police hunt wolfman woods Police on the hunt for 'wolfman', British police are searching for a man dubbed "wolfman" who has been living in the woods . They fear the man  could die in the cold weather Police believe he survives by hunting and foraging for plants and berries. He was reportedly last spotted over a year ago.

British police are hunting for a "wolfman" who has been living in the woods for for or five years, according to FoxNews.com.

Wayne Morgan, 37, has apparently been living off rabbits and wild plants since he lost his forestry job years ago. Morgan, who is unmarried and has no children, isn't being accused of any crime, but authorities are searching for him because they're concerned for his well being.

"There are concerns about his welfare. Anyone who may have seen him should let us know when any sightings took place. He lives off the land -- but he may be hungry and on the lookout for food," Police Sergeant Teresa Ross told Fox.

"He's been offered help with accommodation and food but doesn't want it. Last time I saw him, he was filthy. I can't understand why he's living like that," a member of Morgan's family told Fox.

As an outdoorsman living in New York City, I can understand exactly why Morgan is "living like that." In fact, I think I'm one 3 a.m. car alarm away from becoming a "wolfman" myself.

Do you think the cops should just leave Morgan alone? Comment below!
A photograph of a "Wolfman" living wild in woods was released by police because they are worried about his safety.Heavily-bearded Wayne Morgan, 37, has been surviving in deep forestry for the last four years by eating rabbits, plants and berries.
But police were now searching the Welsh countryside for the loner dubbed "Wolfman" after fears about his safety.
Sergeant Teresa Ross said: "We have been aware of a man known locally as Wolfman living in woods for a number of years.
"He has not been seen by his family for four years and concerns have been raised about his welfare.
"Anyone walking in the wooded area who may have seen this man should get in contact with us to let us know when any sightings took place."

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