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Monday, February 13, 2012

Shocking Celebrity Couples

Shocking Celebrity Couples

Sofia Vergara

It's easy for Americans to imagine that Vergara simply didn't exist before "Modern Family" introduced her to the English-speaking world. But she did exist before, and she even dated one of Hollywood's most famous actors during this period.

George Clooney

The celebrity news media has enjoyed watching the succession of women Clooney has escorted around Hollywood... and then eventually out the door. But while they're usually just riding Clooney's coattails, one had a legit career when she was Clooney's arm candy.
Sandra Bullock

There's been no shortage of news about Bullock's love life over the years, but perhaps the more recent tribulations overshadowed the fact that she once dated a much younger man, who is today quite famous in his own right.
Ashton Kutcher

Believe it or not, there was a time when every report about Ashton Kutcher didn't mention his relationship with Demi Moore. In fact, he once dated a young up-and-comer who went on to be one of the most famous housewives on TV.
Courteney Cox

One memorable "Friends" plotline had Monica dating a much older character played by Tom Selleck. In real life, Cox had actually already done the May-December thing -- and with a big-name actor, no less.
Brad Pitt

Should it surprise you that Brad Pitt dated his share of famous, beautiful ladies? Yes, he had a sex life before Angelina, and it involved a certain actress who is best known today for her abusive boyfriend. And Pitt actually had an awkward run-in with said boyfriend.
Britney Spears

When you think about the highlights, lowlights and in-betweens of her life in the spotlight, a lot comes to mind. You know what doesn't? The fact that she was romantically linked to a Hollywood "it" boy while he happened to promoting a new movie. Convenient, no?
Paula Abdul

Long before she made a career of getting booted from reality show judging panels, Abdul was more active in the music industry. During this time, she hooked up with another star who has dabbled in music
Natalie Portman

She's one of the most beautiful actresses working today, but don't forget that Natalie Portman has some rather geeky roots. That's the only explanation we can think of to justify her spending time with this one certain musician...
Kim Kardashian

With all that gets said about Kim Kardashian's love life, one guy gets swept under the rug. Maybe that's because during the period they dated, Kim hadn't yet become the national sweetheart that everyone loves and adores today.
Shia LaBeouf

He's made enough "grown-up" movies that it's easy to forget LaBeauf was once the star of "Even Stevens." And it was during this phase that he courted another teen-tastic star. And she's still around today, too.
Demi Moore

Nope, she didn't jump straight from Bruce to Ashton. There was actually a brief in-between there, and she happened to have filled that in-between with a famous rocker.
Tyra Banks

She transitioned from supermodel to actor to talk show host to the master of her own little Oprah-esque media empire, but Banks has never been upfront about her romantic life. Could it be because she once dated a co-star from her acting days?
Renee Zellweger

She's been linked to a number of Hollywood's leading men, but it's perhaps most surprising that she once dated a co-star who's not primarily known for acting. You might wonder what they had in common, but considering their love was short-lived, they apparently wondered too.
Matthew Morrison

You might wonder how this "Glee" star hooked up with a certain starlet back before either was famous, but you'd be forgetting that both Morrison and the woman in question had careers singing and dancing on Broadway before they appeared on the small screen.
Juliette Lewis

Considering she grew up in front of movie cameras, Juliette Lewis has done a good job of rebelling against the Hollywood actress stereotype. But that doesn't mean she didn't jump at the chance to date a guy who today is one of Hollywood's hottest leading men.

She's known as a happily married woman today, but Fergie has another claim to fame: She dated another child star-turned-pro-singer right before he commenced one of the most tabloid-worthy relationships of the '90s.
Sarah Jessica Parker

She and Matthew Broderick have been married for almost 15 years, which by actor standards, is approximately 79 years. But back in her teeny-bopper days, Parker dated another '8

Ah, Cher. Always good for a surprise, right? And you'd better believe she has one of the most eclectic mixes of ex-boyfriends in Hollywood. Included in this man-harem is a much-younger actor who hooked up with Cher in 1984, just slightly before the blockbuster role that made him a star.
Whoopi Goldberg

And then there's Whoopi. She's maintained her rep for being funny, having opinions and being smart enough to back those opinions up. But back in the'90s, her love life made headlines when she dated a high-profile TV star.

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