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Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine's day ideas for men


VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT IDEAS FOR MEN - It was a time when fewer people used to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a festival but now it has become a great day for people around the globe. This day of sharing love is celebrated on 14th of February every year.
Traditionally this day is for the lovers only mean men and girls, men and women, couples etc but with the passage of time, people have associated feeling of love, care, and affection etc to this day hence people celebrate this day for all relations. An example of this celebration is to give gifts to your beloved ones. You may give Valentine’s Day gifts to all your relations like brother, boyfriend, dad, boss etc. Have you planned what you will give as Valentine’s Day gift to a boy in your friend’s circle or family? If not yet then you are welcomed to take assistance from the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men shared below:
Styles Shirt/ Clothes
This will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men. Buy a branded t-shirt or full dress for the boy. Selecting a t-shirt in red color will be a perfect gift for this special occasion. Make sure to select a gift that is based on his choice only.
Music Related Gift
This gift idea is perfect if the boy is music lover for whom you are going to select Valentine’s Day gift. For this you may give him tickets for a music concert. Don’t forget to join in if you have bought concert tickets for him. Another idea is to give him CDs of his favorite songs. Adding a romantic number in this CD will be a perfect idea.
Personal Gadget
Men always love to have newer personal gadgets with lots of features that they don’t have used before so you can use this idea while buying Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. These personal gadgets may include MP3, IPod, new cell phone, shaving kit etc. Try to give a branded gadget that he will love to use.
DIY Gifts
A gift that you will prepare by your hands will much worth than any expensive gift you will buy from market. A handmade Valentine’s Day gift will express your deep feelings of love and care for the recipient. These gift items may include a Valentine’s Day wish card, a photo frame, a flower of bouquet etc. Whatever the gift items you may tend to make, it must be according to his interests. A very impressive DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea is to write a romantic poem for him using his name in the poem. The paper you will use to write the poem must be Valentine’s Day themed.
Tiffany Jewelry
It was a time when jewelry was only an item of craze for women but now in this age of style and fashion, men also love to have tiffany jewelry. The jewelry items that you can give to a boy may include rings, bracelets, chains, cufflinks etc. Whatever the gift item you select, it must be according to trend, fashion and interests of the recipient.
Perfumes and shaving kits
Men always love to use variety of perfumes so giving a perfume on the event of Valentine’s Day will be a perfect gift from you for him. This may sound a simple idea but just think about the feelings that he will have if you give him perfume of his choice. Accompanying this simple gift with a shaving kit packet in Valentine’s themed will work great.
Valentine’s cards
This is very inexpensive and an impressive gift idea for any event so it will definitely work great on this event also. A Valentine’s Day wish card will be designed using red colors as dominating color. Pictures of heart, cake, candles and flowers must be used to present perfect mix of all items associated to the celebration of this event. A personalized wish poem on a panel of card will be great.
Sports Accessories
This gift idea is perfect for men who love sports and games to watch and to play also. You may give him a complete kit of sports accessories of his favorite game. For instance if he loves cricket, you may give him complete accessories of cricket game or give him a bat with wishes written on it. Other sports related gifts may include sports dress, shoes, hat etc. Tickets for a match will make you see a spark on your friend’s face.
Wallets are dear to men same as to the girls. This simple gift can be made more special if you put your picture in the wallet and a special love note for him in the pocket where he will use to put money. He will surely feel great when he will open the packed wallet to put money and he will get a love note from you. It will be another gift for him. Yess!!! You got right. Two-in-one….
Gift baskets
A complete gift basket containing different gift items will be a great Valentine’s Day gift for the men. The gift items in the Valentine’s Day gift basket may be edibles like chocolates, candies, cookies or they may include flowers, a picture frame and perfume and so on.
These were some gift ideas that will help you in deciding what you can give to a boy on this Valentine’s Day.

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